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Standard or Premium Personalized Dentures

Standard dentures may fit comfortably and chew well, but are designed for the average patient using basic tooth shades and shapes. Every denture patient, especially those with oral tissues which have resorbed (shrunk) or those who have un usual jaw relationships (bite) may require a personalized denture that utilizes premium materials and precision techniques. With premium personalized dentures, esthetics, comfort, fit and function combine to allow your smile to look

more natural. Premium personalized quality dentures instill confidence and provide optimum function while eating, speaking or laughing. Through the information gathered, from the impressions of your jaws to the specific jaw movements you make, to all your facial information that is recorded. Your Denturist is then able to recreate the character of your smile and restore the natural contour of your lips and facial muscles. Let your smile shine through!

A Personalized Precision Denture

A personalized precision denture is made to suit each persons individual looks and needs using additional measurements of your face and jaw. Additional measurements assure a more precise function in relation to the movements of your jaw. Your prosthesis is handcrafted to match your age, complexion and facial features. Considerations such as the shape of your jaw line, lips, eyes, eyeglasses and hair color are noted. The teeth are set to produce a pleasing smile. Additional procedures are incorporated in the construction of your denture to closely mimic the movements of your jaw. High quality teeth are used in the construction of your dentures to insure a definitive outcome of the highest quality. A precision denture provides excellent function, fit, comfort and appearance.

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